No Place I Call Home EP


Tez Cadey is back in 2021 with his new EP “No Place I Call Home”, a turning point in his career .

Following up an album in 2018 and a dozen singles, this record is a return to his musical roots. With pop and colourful sounds, the five tracks of this EP are meant to make you sing and dance and will leave you wanting more.

“No Place I call Home” is a statement in a world where it is harder and harder to find your place. The record is about finding a space where you feel at home, where you are not judged, where you are free to love and be loved, and where the only spoken languages are music and dance.

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UPDATE // Submission closed ! Thank you to all of you who participated, we can’t wait to show you the result

Hey guys,

For my next single “No Place I Call Home” I’d love to make a lyrics video and have you all participate in it from around the world !

This next song is about finding ones place in this world so the idea would be for you to send a video of the place you love, a landscape, a city, with friends, or with your family, singing, dancing … anything really, be creative and have fun!

To do so you’ll need 2 devices ( one smartphone + your friend’s for example). One will be playing the lyrics video in fullscreen (link here: ), and the other will be filming it in landscape mode during 3 minutes.

When you are done, send your shot to (you can use something like if the file is too big)

You have up until the 11th of June so we then have time to put all your videos together for the official music video release on the 18th of June.

I can’t wait to see what you guys make! love

Below is a video example of how it will look like once it’s done and we add the music (and also a preview of the single)



Pour mon prochain single « No Place I Call Home » je vous propose de participer à la création de mon nouveau clip !

“No Place I Call Home” s’annonce comme une quête de sens dans un monde où l’on a de plus en plus de mal à trouver sa place.

L’idée est que vous m’envoyez une vidéo de l’endroit ou vous vivez ou d’un endroit que vous aimez, un paysage, une ville, en famille, avec des amis, entrain de chanter … Bref soyez créatifs et amusez vous!

Comment ça fonctionne ?

Il vous faudra tout d’abord deux appareils ( votre téléphone et celui d’un ami par exemple )

Un appareil pour diffuser les paroles de la chanson ( ) et un autre pour filmer le premier et le décor de votre choix pendant 3 minutes.

Pour finir il vous suffit d’envoyez vos vidéos à l’adresse suivante :

Vous avez jusqu’au 11 Juin, qu’on puisse avoir le temps de la monter et qu’elle soit prête pour la sortie du single et du clip le 18 Juin.

Hâte de voir ce que vous envoyez!

“Missing U”


Tez Cadey and American producer Aukoustics, also known for having worked with Galantis on their last songs, team up on their new single called “Missing U”. The result is a dance pop ballad that gradually escalates into a beautiful finish. A truly well constructed track that, while missing a traditional chorus, is intriguing and catchy enough to make us want to go straight back to it.

Listen to “Missing U” / Stream it

“During a cloudy day”

During a cloudy day

Tez Cadey is back in 2021 with a future EP “No Place I Call Home” .

Following up an album in 2018 and a dozen singles, this record is a return to his musical roots.

The first single from this EP is out now. “During a cloudy day” and its warm and dreamy synths takes us straight to California. We are left to cruise under the palm trees with the sun at the horizon and the wind blowing in our hair. The fast paced rhythm picks us up by surprise and onto a beautiful journey.

A song to be played again and again on a summer night.

Listen to “During a cloudy day” / Stream it